Geoff’s Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults


My favourite Jigsaw Puzzles & Artists chosen after 23 years
of Product Development in the Jigsaw Puzzle industry

So hard to choose! 

Geoff Lee

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How did I Choose the Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Gibsons?

I spent over 20 years trying my hardest to develop the best jigsaw puzzles for Gibsons.
It was an amazing time of my life, and I worked with some very special colleagues & artists.

We spent hours working on puzzle themes for adults (not adult puzzle themes!)
but very often, the best theme would come from the artist.
When artists paint from the heart, their passion comes through so much into the painting and puzzle.
They will spend hours on people’s faces – getting their expressions just right.
Artists will include hidden details in the background, which are only visible once you piece together the puzzle.
Look out for Ralphie Rabbit from Janice Daughters in each and every puzzle of hers.

The best puzzles will have a good variety of bright colours and plenty of detail,
but most of all, they will ‘tell a story’—something I will never forget from my boss and mentor, Michael Gibson himself.

There can be dozens of puzzles on a shelf and hundreds online.
Which one of those puzzles will catch your eye and make you pick up that box?
Will it be a photograph of a Cottage or a German castle?
Or will it be a painting from the heart by an artist such as Michael Herring or Tony Ryan?

Have a look at my How to Choose the Best Jigsaw Puzzle – My Unique Insiders Guide

My Top Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

How do I choose my favourite puzzles & artists?!
It’s a pretty impossible task having worked with so many over 23 years,
and sincere apologies to all those talented artists I have had to leave out this time.

I love puzzles that have meaning.  Those that ‘tell a story’ through the tiny details that artists include in the background.
The puzzlers only find out when piecing the puzzle close up.

Artists like Michael Herring & Tony Ryan include their personal items & memories in their paintings.
Janice Daughters includes Ralphie Rabbit in all of hers!

Best Puzzle for Christmas

Christmas Spirit
Ltd. Edition

by Marcello Corti – simply one of the best Christmas scene artists in the world of puzzles.

Best Puzzle for Mother

Disney & Kinkade
A really interesting collaboration with classic Disney characters appearing in the World of Thomas Kinkade.

Best Puzzle
for Father

Marvel Impossible!
Which Dad doesn’t like the Avengers? I certainly do, and this is an ‘impossible’ puzzle so it will keep him quiet for hours!

Best Puzzle
for Grandma

Cookies & Cocoa
A tasty treat from Aimeee Stewart
one of the world’s
most talented jigsaw puzzle artists.

Best Puzzle for Grandad

Grandad's Workshop jigsaw puzzle gift

Grandad’s Workshop
My favourite puzzle ever! It was an honour to work with the amazing artist Michael Herring on his last ever puzzle.

Best Puzzle for
USA Memories

James Mellett
A Pittsburgh native and freelance illustrator for over 20 years. How many characters does he fit in!
From White Mountain Puzzles.

Best Puzzle for
UK Memories

Robert Opie
Robert is an absolute genius to work with.
Robert knows everything about UK nostalgia and is the owner of the Museum of Brands

Best Puzzle for Alphabets!

Val Goldfinch
From A-Z, Val paints the most detailed puzzles I have seen. The detail in every puzzle piece will amaze you. Use a magnifying glass!

Best Fine Art Wooden Puzzle

Nautilus Puzzles Starry Night

Starry Night
Wooden Whimsys!

I was fortunate enough to see this painting in real life. Wooden Whimsys are special shaped pieces – here from Nautilus Puzzles.

Best Puzzle for

Maria Rabinky
The best puzzle maps?
I think so – just look at the research that Maria has done to include those famous landmarks. Also a good capital city test!

My Favourite UK Puzzle Artists

I have been so fortunate to work with so many talented and friendly artists over my 23 years in the world of puzzles.

Exclusive! I’ve brought Matthew Emery’s ‘Reds over London’ jigsaw puzzle ALIVE
Let me know what you think in the comments below 

Best Artist for Interiors

Puzzle Festival jigsaw puzzle British Championship 2024

Tony Ryan
Somehow Tony Ryan gets the most incredible detail & colour into every one of his shop interiors. Fascinating!

Best Artist for Vintage Cars

Lynmouth Living jigsaw puzzle by Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh
The legend of the red MG & his beloved dog which he tries to include in all his paintings! The master of all classic cars.

Best Artist for Nostalgia

School Days - Gibsons jigsaw puzzle by Trevor Mitchell

Trevor Mitchell
His 4×500 puzzles have become a legend in remembering the ‘Good Old days’ through a series of four puzzles

Best Artist for Planes

Reds over London by Matthew Emery

Matthew Emeny
I’m so glad Matthew introduced himself to me at Gibsons. He has now found artist fame on the BBC!

Best Artist for Rabbits (!)

Beachcombers Garden by Janice Daughters

Janice Daughters
What can I say about Janice!
She is an absolute insipration for all aspiring jigsaw puzzle artists!

Best Photographic Puzzles

Brands-that-built-britain by Robert OPie

Robert Opie Collection
Robert has been collecting his everyday objects for decades – and creates the most interesting photo puzzles!

Best Artist for
Busy Scenes

Steve Crisp
Steve is probably one of the best puzzle painters for busy scenes. No empty blue sky or green grass areas here!

Best Artist for Cartoons

The most successful range of puzzles ever – and there is no picture of the puzzle on the box??

Best Artist for Crazyness

Colin Thompson
What an incredible imagination!  I haven;t met him, but I hope to one day to see what makes him tick!

Best Artist for

Linda Jane Smith
I’ve met Linda and she likes a quiet life. You wouldn’t guess it from her crazy paintings. 

My Favourite Puzzle Accessories

You spend hours, days or weeks on your puzzles (or know somebody who does).
It’s really important to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the time! 

Best Puzzle Table

Bits and Pieces puzzle table
Bits and PIeces
Two side panels and a magnetic bar to hold up your box!

Best Puzzle Table
with Drawers

Becko 1500pc Tilting
4 colourful magnetic drawers.
Tiltable (5 angles)

Best Puzzle Table
with Wheels

Height adjustable.
Tiltable. Can straddle your armchair!

Best Puzzle

Lightweight. Felt surface. Fold-out sides with covers.

Best Puzzle
Mat (with trays!)


Puzzle Ready Mat
Incredibly, this mat includes four trays when it rolls up!

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