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Welcome to my Wasgij Puzzle List & Wasgij Solutions page where you can find a complete list of all Wasgij Puzzles available to view and download.

I’m Geoff, former Director of Product Development at Gibsons Games.
I’m proud to bring you ALL the Wasgij solutions and puzzle lists for Wasgij Original, Destiny, Mystery, and Christmas!

Brand new Wasgijs :

Wasgij Original – Mickey’s Party DISNEY ! – coming soon!
Wasgij Original 44 – Wasgij Summer Games – now available here
Wasgij Mystery 26 – Date Night is now available here

Wasgij Destiny 27 – Café to Latte is now available here

Once you have finished all the Wasgijs, do have a look at Geoff’s Top Picks for the Best Puzzle Tables &  Wooden Puzzles.

Updated 10 June 2024


Wasjig Original complete puzzle list

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Latest ‘New’ Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles

There are now four categories of Wasgij puzzles.
Original, Destiny, Mystery and Christmas.
Oh, wait!  There are also some special editions too!

Latest Retro Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles

Are you missing any? There are now three new Retro puzzles.
These are the original Wasgij puzzles brought back in new packaging for those who missed them the first time!

The Latest Retro Wasgij ORIGINAL 8
The Latest Retro Wasgij MYSTERY 8
The Latest Wasgij Retro DESTINY 8
The Latest Retro Wasgij ORIGINAL 8
The Latest Retro Wasgij MYSTERY 8
The Latest Wasgij Retro DESTINY 8
06/10/2024 03:15 am GMT

What does ‘WASGIJ’ mean?

Wasgij is ‘Jigsaw’ spelt backwards and is offically pronounced as ‘Woz-gidge’

What is a WASGIJ Puzzle?

It’s hard to explain, but the picture on the box is not the puzzle picture. There are people featured on the box, and they are looking at something, generally with some horrified look!

The puzzle picture is what these charcacters are looking at.
So you must use your imagination (although you get a few visual hints & clues).

What does ‘WASGIJ’ mean?

Wasgij is ‘Jigsaw’ spelt backwards and is offically pronounced as ‘Woz-gidge’

Wasgij Original Disney – Mickey’s Party coming soon!


I have assembled below ALL 44 Wasgij Original puzzles below (copyright Jumbo).
Wasgij Original 44 Wasgij Summer Games is now available, and Mickey’s Party Disney will be available soon!

It is interesting to see how the overall style has remained relatively unchanged over six different Wasgij artists.
Perhaps there are more vibrant colours and ‘busier’ scenes as digital techniques have been introduced.

If you would like a printable copy of the full list including Wasgij 44,
just subscribe at the bottom of the page, and I’ll email it to you!

(Hover or click on the image to use the magnifying glass & see more detail)

All Wasgij Original Puzzle List


All Wasgij Original Puzzle Boxes

The First 43 WASGIJ ORIGINAL Puzzles in less than 2 mins!

See my latest YouTube video below

WASGIJ ORIGINAL – Solutions & Latest Prices

Wasgi PuzzleNameCheck latest priceWasgij Solution (Kevin Simon)Piece countYear
Wasgij Original 1SUNDAY DRIVERSWasgij Original 1 Solution5001997
Wasgij Original 2HAPPY HOLIDAYSWasgij Original 2 latest priceWasgij Original 2 Solution5001997
Wasgij Original 3FULL MONTY FEVERWasgij Original 3 latest priceWasgij Original 3 Solution5001998
Wasgij Original 4A DAY TO REMEMBERWasgij Original 4 latest priceWasgij Original 4 Solution5001998
Wasgij Original 5LATE BOOKINGWasgij Original 5 latest priceWasgij Original 5 Solution5001999
Wasgij Original 6BLOOMING MARVELLOUSWasgij Original 6 latest priceWasgij Original 6 Solution5001999
Wasgij Original 7BEAR NECESSITIESWasgij Original 7 latest priceWasgij Original 7 Solution5002000
Wasgij Original 8HIGH TIDEWasgij Original 8 Solution5002001
Wasgij Original 9HOME IMPROVEMENTSWasgij Original 9 Solution10002002
Wasgij Original 10ANTIQUE HUNTWasgij Original 10 Solution10002003
Wasgij Original 11BEAUTY SALONWasgij Original 11 latest priceWasgij Original 11 Solution10002004
Wasgij Original 12THE MOUTH OF THE RIVERWasgij Original 12 Solution10002005
Wasgij Original 13CALENDAR GIRLSWasgij Original 13 latest priceWasgij Original 13 Solution10002006
Wasgij Original 14FOOTBALL MADNESSWasgij Original 14 Solution10002007
Wasgij Original 15RUN LIKE THE WINDWasgij Original 15 Solution10002008
Wasgij Original 16CATCH OF THE DAYWasgij Original 17 latest priceWasgij Original 16 Solution10002009
Wasgij Original 17BALLROOM BLUSHESWasgij Original 17 Solution10002010
Wasgij Original 18UPROAR AT THE VETSWasgij Original 18 latest priceWasgij Original 18 Solution10002011
Wasgij Original 19CONE-GESTIONWasgij Original 19 latest priceWasgij Original 19 Solution10002012
Wasgij Original 20FISHY BUSINESSWasgij Original 20 latest priceWasgij Original 20 Solution10002013
Wasgij Original 21FOOTBALL FEVER!Wasgij Original 21 latest priceWasgij Original 21 Solution2x10002014
Wasgij Original 22WASGIJ STUDIO TOUR!Wasgij Original 22 latest priceWasgij Original 22 Solution15002015
Wasgij Original 23THE BAKE OFF!Wasgij Original 23 latest priceWasgij Original 23 Solution10002015
Wasgij Original 24A VERY MERRY HOLIDAY!Wasgij Original 24 latest priceWasgij Original 24 Solution10002016
Wasgij Original 25DEAL BREAKER!Wasgij Original 25 Solution10002016
Wasgij Original 26CELEBRITY CHIEF CHEFWasgij Original 26 latest priceWasgij Original 26 Solution10002017
Wasgij Original 27THE 20TH PARTY PARADE!Wasgij Original 27 latest priceWasgij Original 27 Solution2x10002017
Wasgij Original 28DROPPING THE WEIGHT!Wasgij Original 28 latest priceWasgij Original 28 Solution10002018
Wasgij Original 29CATCHING WEDDING FEVER!Wasgij Original 29 latest priceWasgij Original 29 Solution10002018
Wasgij Original 30STRICTLY CAN’T DANCE!Wasgij Original 30 latest priceWasgij Original 30 Solution10002018
Wasgij Original 31SAFARI SURPRISE!Wasgij Original 31 latest priceWasgij Original 31 Solution10002019
Wasgij Original 32THE BIG WEIGH IN!Wasgij Original 32 latest priceWasgij Original 32 Solution10002019
Wasgij Original 33CALM ON THE CANAL!Wasgij Original 33 latest priceWasgij Original 33 Solution10002020
Wasgij Original 34A PIECE OF PRIDE!Wasgij Original 34 latest priceWasgij Original 34 Solution10002020
Wasgij Original 35CAR BOOT CAPERS!Wasgij Original 35 latest priceWasgij Original 35 Solution10002020
Wasgij Original 36NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!Wasgij Original 36 latest priceWasgij Original 36 Solution10002021
Wasgij Original 37HOLIDAY FIASCO!Wasgij Original 37 latest priceWasgij Original 37 Solution10002021
Wasgij Original 38MARKET MELTDOWN!Wasgij Original 38 latest priceWasgij Original 38 Solution10002021
Wasgij Original 39CHINESE NEW YEAR!Wasgij Original 39Wasgij Original 39 Solution10002022
Wasgij Original 4025TH ANNIVERSARY GARDEN PARTY!Wasgij Original 40 latest priceWasgij Original 40 Solution2x10002022
Wasgij Original 41THE RESTORE STORE!Wasgij Original 41 latest priceWasgij Original 41 Solution10002022
Wasgij Original 42RULE THE RUNWAYWasgij Original 42 latest priceWasgij Original 42 Solution10002023
Wasgij Original 43AQUARIUM ANTICSWasgij Original 43 latest price Wasgig Original 43 solution10002023
Wasgij Original 44WASGIJ SUMMER GAMES!Wasgij Original 44 latest price10002024

Fun facts about WASGIJ Puzzles

  1. The first seven Wasgij puzzles were 500 piece puzzles, and the first six so far have been re-released as 1000 piece Wasjig Retro puzzles.
  2. There was a radical box design change with Wasgij 9 & 10 – with the use of a Crystal Ball and a new strapline of ‘I see, I see … ?’ This looked good visually but didn’t really make much sense and the ‘film strip’ theme came back for Wasgij 11 and lasted until Wasgij 32.
  3. Multi language titles stopped in 2020 with Wasgij 33 Calm on the Canal – along with the ‘film strip’ theme (I assume because nobody knew what a photograph ‘film strip’ was, and cameras were all digital by then. Information for my two sons –  a film strip was a roll of light sensitive film containing either 24 or 36 shots per roll, which when full, had to be taken to the local shop for processing before you got your photos back a week later!
  4. Wasgij themes have always been topical. The Great British Bake Off TV series started in 2010 – followed by Wasgij 23 – The Bake Off! in 2015. Recent topical TV based themes include ‘Strictly Can’t Dance’ and ‘Restore Store’.
  5. Granny Wasgij has appeared multiple times and celebrated the 25th anniversary of Wasgij in 2022
  6. There have been six different Wasgij artists – Graham Thompson (1997-present), Bill Houston (2014-5),  James Alexander, Neil Easton (2015-8), Dick Heins (2019-21) and the latest Paul Gibbs (2019- present).
  7. There are now five different types of Wasgij puzzle – Original, Destiny, Mystery & Christmas. More about these and the latest Eurosound (or Eurovision Wasgij) later!
  8. One Wasgij Mystery puzzle doesn’t have a number! See below to find out which and why?!

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WASGIJ DESTINY puzzle list

Wasgij Destiny 26 – Organic Overload is the current newest but watch out for Wasgij Destiny 27 in March which is going to be ….
Wasgij Destiny 27 Cafe to Latte

Wasgij Destiny is where you have to imagine what the scene on the box will look like in the FUTURE!

All Wasgij Destiny puzzle list
All Wasgij Destiny puzzle list (boxes)

WASGIJ DESTINY solutions and latest prices

All the Wasgij Destiny solutions and latest pricing

Wasgij DestinyTitleLatest PriceLink to SolutionYearArtist
Wasgij Destiny 1The Best Days of our LivesWasgij Destiny 1 latest priceWasgij Destiny 1 solution2001Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 2The ProposalWasgij Destiny 2 latest priceWasgij Destiny 2 solution2002Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 3The Sands of TimeWasgij Destiny 3 latest priceWasgij Destiny 3 solution2003Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 4Retro Destiny 4 -The Wasgij Games!Wasgij Destiny 4 latest priceWasgij Destiny 4 solution2020Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 5Time TravelWasgij Destiny 5 latest priceWasgij Destiny 5 solution2005Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 6Childs PlayWasgij Destiny 6 latest priceWasgij Destiny 6 solution2006Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 7Rock Around the ClockWasgij Destiny 7 latest priceWasgij Destiny 7 solution2007Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 8High SeasonWasgij Destiny 8 solution2008Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 9Super ModelsWasgij Destiny 9 latest priceWasgij Destiny 9 solution2009Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 10High Street HassleWasgij Destiny 10 latest priceWasgij Destiny 10 solution2010Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 11The OfficeWasgij Destiny 11 solution2011Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 12Market MayhemWasgij Destiny 12 solution2012Graham Thompson
Wasgij Destiny 13Commuting ChaosWasgij Destiny 13 solution2013James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 14How Times Have Changed!Wasgij Destiny 14 latest priceWasgij Destiny 14 solution2014James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 15Shopping Shake Up!Wasgij Destiny 15 latest priceWasgij Destiny 15 solution2015James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 16Old Time Rockers!Wasgij Destiny 16 latest priceWasgij Destiny 16 solution2016James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 17Paying the Price!Wasgij Destiny 17 latest priceWasgij Destiny 17 solution2017James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 18Fast Food Frenzy!Wasgij Destiny 18 latest priceWasgij Destiny 18 solution2018James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 19The Puzzlers Arms!Wasgij Destiny 19 latest priceWasgij Destiny 19 solution2019James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 20The Toy Shop!Wasgij Destiny 20 latest priceWasgij Destiny 20 solution2019Dick Heins
Wasgij Destiny 21Highway Hold-up!Wasgij Destiny 21 latest priceWasgij Destiny 21 solution2020James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 22Trip to the Tip!Wasgij Destiny 22 latest priceWasgij Destiny 22 solution2021James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 23Theme Park Thrills!Wasgij Destiny 23 latest priceWasgij Destiny 23 solution2021James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 24Business as Usual!Wasgij Destiny 24 latest priceWasgij Destiny 24 solution2022James Alexander
Wasgij Destiny 25Games Night!Wasgij Destiny 25 latest priceWasgij Destiny 25 solution2023Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Destiny 26Organic OverloadWasgij Destiny 26 Organic Overload latest priceWasgij Destiny 26 Organic Overload Solution2023Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Destiny 27Café to Latte!Wasgij Destiny 27 - Café to Latte! latest price2024Paul Gibbs

WASGIJ MYSTERY puzzle list

Wasgij Mystery 26 is now available  ….

Wasgij Mystery 26 Date Night!

There is one Wasgij Mystery puzzle without a number.
It is Wasgij Mystery World of Wonder – produced exclusively to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands.

All Wasgij Mystery puzzle list
All Wasgij Mystery puzzle list (boxes)

WASGIJ MYSTERY solutions & latest prices

Wasgij MysteryTitleLatest PriceLink to SolutionYearArtist
Wasgij Mystery 1The Wasgij ExpressWasgij Mystery 1 latest priceWasgij Mystery 1 solution2005Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 2Stop the ClockWasgij Mystery 2 solution2006Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 3Drama at the OperaWasgij Mystery 3 solution2007Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 4Live EntertainmentWasgij Mystery 4 latest priceWasgij Mystery 4 solution2008Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 5Sunday LunchWasgij Mystery 5 latest priceWasgij Mystery 5 solution2009Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 6Camping CommotionWasgij Mystery 6
latest price
Wasgij Mystery 6 solution2010Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 7Everything Must Go!Wasgij Mystery 7 latest priceWasgij Mystery 7 solution2011Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 8The Final HurdleWasgij Mystery 8 solution2012Graham Thompson
Wasgij Mystery 9Great Train Robbery!Wasgij Mystery 9 solution2013James Alexander
Wasgij Mystery 10Spring has Sprung!Wasgij Mystery 10 solution2014Bill Houston
Wasgij Mystery 11Childcare!Wasgij Mystery 12 latest priceWasgij Mystery 11 solution2015Bill Houston
Wasgij Mystery 12The Unusual Suspects!Wasgij Mystery 12 solution2016James Alexander
Wasgij Mystery 13A Purrrfect Escape!Wasgij Mystery 13 latest priceWasgij Mystery 13 solution2017James Alexander
Wasgij Mystery 14The Hound of the Wasgijvile!Wasgij Mystery 14 latest priceWasgij Mystery 14 solution2018James Alexander
Wasgij Mystery 15A Typical British BBQ!Wasgij Mystery 15 latest priceWasgij Mystery 15 solution2018James Alexander
Wasgij Mystery 16Birthday Surprise!Wasgij Mystery 16 latest priceWasgij Mystery 16 solution2019Dick Heins
Wasgij Mystery 17Catching a Break!Wasgij Mystery 17 latest priceWasgij Mystery 17 solution2019Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery 18Grabbing a Quick Bite!Wasgij Mystery 18 latest priceWasgij Mystery 18 solution2020Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery 19Bingo Blunder!Wasgij Mystery 19 latest priceWasgij Mystery 19 solution2020Dick Heins
Wasgij Mystery 20Mountain Mayhem!Wasgij Mystery 20 latest priceWasgij Mystery 20 solution2021Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery 21Trouble Brewing!Wasgij Mystery 21 latest priceWasgij Mystery 21 solution2021Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery 22Wasgij Winter Games!Wasgij Mystery 22 latest priceWasgij Mystery 22 solution2022James Alexander
Wasgij Mystery 23Pooch Parlour!Wasgij Mystery 23 latest priceWasgij Mystery 23 solution2022Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery of no number!World of WondersWasgij Mystery World of Wonders latest priceWasgij Mystery World of Wonders solution2022Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery 24Blight at the MuseumWasgij Mystery 24 latest priceWasgij Mystery 24 solution2023Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery 25Eurosound Contest!Wasgij Mystery 25 latest priceWasgij Mystery 25 solution2023Paul Gibbs
Wasgij Mystery 26Date Night!Wasgij Mystery 26 Date Night! latest price2024James Alexander


All Wasgij Christmas puzzles shown below.

All Wasgij Christmas puzzles
All Wasgij Christmas boxes

WASGIJ CHRISTMAS solutions and latest prices

All Wasgij Christmas solutions & latest prices!

Wasgij ChristmasTitleLatest PriceLink to SolutionArtistPiece countYear
Wasgij Christmas 1Special DeliveryWasgij Christmas 1 latest priceWasgij Christmas 1 solutionGraham Thompson5002006
Wasgij Christmas 2True Love, CinderellaWasgij Christmas 2 latest priceWasgij Christmas 2 solutionGraham Thompson5002007
Wasgij Christmas 3Short CircuitWasgij Christmas 3 solutionGraham Thompson5002008
Wasgij Christmas 4White ChristmasWasgij Christmas 4 latest priceWasgij Christmas 4 solutionGraham Thompson5002009
Wasgij Christmas 5That Warm Christmas FeelingWasgij Christmas 5 latest priceWasgij Christmas 5 solutionGraham Thompson10002010
Wasgij Christmas 6A Very Merry Christmas!vWasgij Christmas 6 latest priceWasgij Christmas 6 solutionGraham Thompson10002011
Wasgij Christmas 7Christmas Stuffing!Wasgij Christmas 7 latest priceJames Alexander10002012
Wasgij Christmas 8Christmas GetawayWasgij Christmas 8 latest priceWasgij Christmas 8 solutionGraham Thompson10002013
Wasgij Christmas 9A Bright Christmas Night!Wasgij Christmas 9 latest priceWasgij Christmas 9 solutionGraham Thompson10002014
Wasgij Christmas 10Mystery ShopperWasgij Christmas 10 latest priceWasgij Christmas 10 solutionNeil Easton2x10002015
Wasgij Christmas 11Double Trouble!Wasgij Christmas 11 latest priceWasgij Christmas 11 solutionNeil Easton2x10002015
Wasgij Christmas 12The Big Turn On!Wasgij Christmas 12 latest priceWasgij Christmas 12 solutionJames Alexander2x10002016
Wasgij Christmas 13Turkey’s Delight!Wasgij Christmas 13 latest priceWasgij Christmas 13 solutionNeil Easton2x10002017
Wasgij Christmas 14Santa’s Little Helper’s!Wasgij Christmas 14 latest priceWasgij Christmas 14 solutionNeil Easton2x10002018
Wasgij Christmas 15Santa’s Unexpected Delivery!Wasgij Christmas 15 latest priceWasgij Christmas 15 solutionJames Alexander2x10002019
Wasgij Christmas 16The Christmas Show!Wasgij Christmas 16 latest priceWasgij Christmas 16 solutionPaul Gibbs2x10002020
Wasgij Christmas 17Elf Inspection!Wasgij Christmas 17 latest priceWasgij Christmas 17 solutionPaul Gibbs2x10002021
Wasgij Christmas 18Gingerbread Showstopper!Wasgij Christmas 18 latest priceWasgij Christmas 18 solutionJames Alexander2x10002022
Wasgij Christmas 19Santa’s DashWasgij Christmas 19 latest priceWasgij Christmas 19 solutionJames Alexander2x10002023

Kevin Simon

Kevin Simon is a legend and completes every Wasgij puzzle
Please support Kevin as he definitely deserves it!
You can find them all featured here :


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