British Jigsaw Championship 2023 & 2024


The British Jigsaw Championships is an annual event in which competitors from around the world gather to complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in the fastest time.

Details of the 2024 British Jigsaw Championship have now been released with a major change!

The British Jigsaw Championship is linked with the Newmarket Jigsaw Festival. It will be their 13th event, and they already have over a thousand jigsaws already pieced together waiting for you.

British Jigsaw Puzzle Festival 2023 Newmarket sign

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The British Jigsaw Championship 2024

Details of the 2024 British Jigsaw Festival have been released with a major change.

It is still part of the 13th Annual Newmarket Jigsaw Festival in St. Mary’s Church,
but it will be at a new venue as it expands and becomes more popular each year. The cost is £15

New venue: Newmarket Rowley Mile Racecourse. Rowley Mile Drive, Newmarket CB8 OTF
Date: Sun 23 June 2024  10am – 6pm
Exhibition Hall One of the Millennium Grandstand.

Register for the Eleventh Annual Gibsons British Jigsaw Championships 2024 here.

Follow the latest news on the Newmarket Jigsaw Festival & British Championship Facebook page.

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The British Jigsaw Championship 2023

The tenth British Jigsaw Championships was held at Newmarket in the Turner Hall on Sunday, 25 June 2023.

Nearly 200 people entered compared to 70 in 2022, said organiser Janet Ramsey-Helie
It also featured on the BBC here in a feature by the Strictly Dancing star Joanne Clifton who came fifth in 2022.

The full results are:

  • Elite – Sarah Mills (1 hour, 52 mins) (Second – Cathy Evans just four minutes behind – watch out Sarah next year!)
  • Pairs – SJ Bodell and Dan Martin (1 hour, 39mins)
  • Fun – Emma Cobb, Sue and Richard (2 hours, 15 mins) 

2023 British Jigsaw Champion – Sarah Mills wins again!

The current and reigning British champion at the ELITE level is Sarah Mills, who has now won the competition for nine years in a row!

A mother of two from Taverham near Norwich, she is an insurance underwriter and attributes her success to her mathematical & logical mind!

Her average time for a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is two hours.

Read more about her jigsaw puzzle fame on ITV and the BBC here!

About the Event

Competitors from around the world gather at the British Jigsaw Championships to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
The identity of the puzzle is a closely guarded secret until the start of the contest to avoid any sneaky practising!

There are three categories:
(those who would expect to complete in under 3hrs)
(you can enter on your own or with others, up to a maximum of four people.)

Prize money is won in each category, of £100, £100 and £50

The First Ever British Jigsaw Championship 2013

The first-ever British jigsaw championship was held at the same St Mary’s Church in Newmarket, organised by Judy Paxton in 2013.
It was won by Emma Jenkinson –  a primary school teacher from Chipping Norton, Gloucestershire.

Her winning time was 171 minutes—two hours and 51 minutes.
It’s still really quick, but nearly an hour slower than the 1 hour and 52 minutes set by Sarah Mills in 2023.

The first puzzle used as ‘Pxssed as a Newt’ by the infamous Mike Jupp.
This puzzle has been re-released and you can find it here by AllJigsawPuzzles.

Emma won the £50 prize money and she could keep the puzzle!

Jigsaw Festivals

World Jigsaw Puzzle Championships


Find out more about the World Jigsaw Championships held in Spain
with an amazing winning time of 37 mins and 59 secs for a 500pc puzzle!

Speed Puzzling

Speed puzzling started in 2020 and can be done in person or by video.
Remember Zoom – well instead of those dreaded zoom company meetings, this is much more enjoyable!).

The current speed puzzling champion is Sarah Schuler with a time of 1 hour, 41 minutes and 17 seconds for a 1000 piece Cobble Hill puzzle – Vointage Main Street.

Find out more about Speed Puzzling events here by Jonathon Cluff


Fastest Puzzler in the World vs Karen! 

This is fun to watch!

Geoff Lee